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The ornamental asparagus is absolutely easy to grow. Keep the pot tip moist on average. Pour the water on the pot ball or immerse the pot ball occasionally in a bucket of water.Then let the water drain a little and then you can hang it again. Give regular houseplant nutrition. In winter the plant tolerates fairly low temperatures (up to 8 ° C). In winter, less water may be given, especially if the plant is in a cooler place. The ornamental asparagus loves to be sprayed occasionally with rainwater or decalcified water. Sometimes it is necessary to repot the plant in the spring, (then you can call me), because she can literally burst from the pot. If you 2 or 3 times a week spray the moss ball and the leaves also and give a little nutrition, you have a lot of fun from your plant.

kopie van ‘Asparagus plumosus’ Asparagus setaceus

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  • Houseplant care: Asparagus setaceus is a fast grower and are easy to grow indoors.

    Light: Bright light is essential for Asparagus setaceus. But never subject them to direct sunlight, which can badly scorch the small leaves.

    Temperature: Asparagus setaceus do well in normal warm room temperatures and they also tolerate temperatures which may be as low as 13°C (55°F).

    Watering: During the active growth period water plentifully as often as necessary to keep the moss ball moist, but never allow the bal to stand in water. If you see that the ball is dry every 2 weeks you can put it in water until all the air bubbles come out. Then let the water drain a little and then you can hang it again. During the rest period give the plants only enough water to keep the potting mixture from drying out. If the mixture dries out entirely at any time loss of foliage is the result.

    Feeding: Apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks throughout the active growing period.

"Kunst Vitale Groene Akoestische Paneel".

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