• Lighting The red, yellow and white cultivars need bright light for intensive leaf coloring. With some morning or evening sun. The green forms do also good if placed light shaded. Hot summer afternoon sun can cause leaf burn.
  • Soil Standard compost for container plants, vegetables or herbs can be used.
  •  Watering Let the soil moderately dry between the waterings to max. 2/3 of the pots height.

Fittonia albivenis Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant

  • Profile

    • Scientific nameFittonia albivenis (syn. Fittonia verschaffeltii)
    • Common name(s)Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant, Silver Netplant and others
    • FamilyAcanthaceae
    • OriginTropical South America
    • Height5 to 10 cm, grows creeping
    • ToxicNo but not edible