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Japanese aralia care is easy if you give the plant a good location. It likes medium to full shade.  Excessive sunlight and strong winds damage the leaves. It is a tropical plant that needs the warm temperatures. Soak the plant once a week in the summer and every 10 days in the winter. Always feel the ball if it is very light and dry, it will need a water bath. A bath of 15 to 20 minutes is enough, then wait for the plant to drain the water for about 15 minutes and be ready to hang it again.   Atomize the plant  in the hart and in the leavs every 4 days and often enough in the summer.   Fertilize with Pokon the water of the bath, in the spring   Fatsia needs annual pruning to maintain a bushy growth habit and healthy, glossy leaves. In addition, remove leaf stems that reach too far beyond the plant to improve the appearance.

Fatsia Japonica

Productcode: 2170013

"Kunst Vitale Groene Akoestische Paneel".

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